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    Located in the city of Timóteo, in the state of Minas Gerais, VAMTEC has two units, in which synthetic slags and special inputs are made for steel mills, foundries and iron-alloy industries, which stand out in the development of products such as: desulfurants, dephosphants, synthetic slags (sintered, briquetted or in the form of a physical mixture), hot top for conventional casting, insulating and exothermic gloves for hot tops. In addition to these products, the units provide briquetting services for raw materials and waste, always in line with good operating practices and focus on sustainable development.
    R. Cinco, 6 - Alegre, Timóteo - MG. CEP: 35181-01
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    At the Camaçari Petrochemical Complex, the Group counts on VAMFERTIL, which operates in the production, commercialization and distribution of fertilizers and micronutrients for application in agricultural crops, offering its customers products with diverse and high quality formulations. Its location is strategic for the reception of raw materials and attention to the main consumers of fertilizers of the country, optimizing logistics and reducing costs.
    Rua Beta, 3 - Polo Petroquímico, Camaçari - BA. CEP: 42810-300
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    The Vitória Unit is located in the state of Espírito Santo, in the vicinity of the city of Vitória, serving the national and international market with carbon-based products for steel, aluminum and glass alloy industries. This company includes the Pulp Division, which stands out in the manufacture of Soderberg Electrode Paste and also the Carbon Division, which provides carbonaceous, graphite and other services for the processing, grading and drying of matters. Vamtec Group is a key factor in respect and relationship with its employees and business partners, personal and professional growth, preservation of natural resources and technological innovation, essential to business growth.
    Rua E, qd-13 - Civit I, Serra, ES. CEP: 29168-040
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    The Vamtec Rio Unit specializes in the industrialization of byproducts for recycling as a solution and return to the production process in an economical and viable way.
    It operates in the production of materials used in the treatment of pig iron and steel, in addition to services for steelmaking, iron alloy, aluminum and glass industries.
    It is strategically located in the municipality of Santa Cruz, in the state of Rio de Janeiro and, as well as the other units of the Vamtec Group, guarantees the best logistics for its customers,
    with competitiveness in their costs. Its modern processes ensure the sustainability of its performance and competitiveness in the national market.
    Rua Nelson da Silva, 375, Dist. Ind. de Santa Cruz, RJ. CEP: 23565-1
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