Group Vamtec - Services

VAMTEC Services and Technology (VST) is located in the city of Serra, in the state of Espírito Santo. It works on projects, services and planning for the extension of the blast furnace campaigns. It is specialized in technical services for optimization of column operation, cost reduction and logistics projects included in the Soderberg paste supply contracts; reforms and services of thermography, endoscopy of furnaces and other thermal equipment of plants producing iron alloy. The great differential of the company is in carrying out operations with shotcreeting, endoscopic chamber for high temperature, manual and robotic projection of concretes in blast furnaces, including telescopic boom, performing in a turn key system, engineering, diagnosis, assembly and disassembly of refractory and antacid coatings in the areas of iron and steel, iron-alloys; aluminum, glass, paper, chemicals, mining and petrochemicals. It counts on Engineering team, which designs and manufactures various systems of dosage and injection of anthracite, bituminous coal and fuels, used in the formation of foaming slag.
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