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Founded in the 80s, the Vamtec Group operates in the development, production and commercialization of materials and services for steel, metallurgy, glass, foundries and fertilizers, in addition to having a fleet specialized in pressurized and bulk transport.

Dedication, constant research, encouragement for modernization and proximity to its customers means that the Vamtec Group maintains a high standard of proven quality, through its services and differentiated service.

VAMTEC GROUP, with the aim of managing with more efficiency and integration, adopts an integrated policy aligned with company values:

"Providing inputs and services for steel and metallurgy, optimizing the results of the client and acting in a profitable and sustainable way."

"To be recognized by employees, partners and customers as an international reference in inputs and services for the steel industry and metallurgy."

Focus on People - People are the foundation for business support and growth. The pursuit and retention of internal and external talents, their development and growth, must be a constant and permanent effort of the organization;

Transparency, Ethics and Warmth - The relationship should be based on good principles, a relationship of mutual respect at all levels;

Integrated Management - The management is sustained and guided by clear goals and by the example of the leaders, with the strengthening of teamwork, participation in decisions and actions in the constant search for the maximization of results;

Security - Security is a fundamental and irrevocable assumption in all company activities;

Competitiveness - competitiveness is based on the continuous evolution of the business itself and the search for new opportunities for the consolidation and growth of the company;

Economic Sustainability - profit is indispensable and a consequence of quality, commitment and dedication. It must provide the shareholders with an adequate remuneration of the invested capital, besides being directed to the employees, collaborators and investments in new businesses;

Organizational Climate - The evaluation of the company, customer satisfaction in the business, the evolution by meritocracy of the people involved, should be permanent and systematic with a focus on improving every system;

Environmental Sustainability - it is fundamental that the companies of the group act responsibly, with respect to environmental laws and focus on preservation and sustainability.

Code of Conduct
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