Products - CARBOVAM - Carburizers and reductants

Product line of carbon  based materials to support steelmaking operations and foundries for carbon content adjustments or to promote foaming slag reactions to protect electrodes. Carbovam products can be formulated  with special qualities like low Nitrogen and Sulphur or brake lining quality.  Conventional applications like reductant for smelting process are also part of Carbovam materials scope. Particle sizes can be varied according to customer requirements,

Product for cold charge in electric furnaces with different carbon contents.

Carburizer for secondary refining with high carbon content and low levels of nitrogen, sulfur and hydrogen, used for carburizing steel.

CARBOVAM 301 MF / V800
Materials for injection in electric furnaces for the of foaming slag formation, with particle size and various carbon contents, prepared and adapted to the need of each process.

Materials for use in blast furnaces for the manufacture of pig iron.

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