Products - CARBOVAM - Re-Combustive

Line of products made available to the market with various fixed carbon content and various grades of particle size, used in steelmaking, foundries, automotive industries, among others. They can be used as conventional fillers, special fillers with low contents of nitrogen, hydrogen and sulfur, foaming slag formers, reducers, brake linings components. The CARBOVAM line includes materials with maximum particle size ranges of 12 mm.

Product for cold load in electric furnaces with different carbon contents.

Re-combustive for secondary refining with high carbon content and low levels of nitrogen, sulfur and hydrogen, used for carburizing steel.

CARBOVAM 301 MF / V800
Materials for injection in electric furnaces for the formation of foaming slag, with particle size and various carbon contents, prepared and adapted to the need of each process.

Materials for use in blast furnaces for the manufacture of pig iron or as solid fuel.
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